14 March 2022, Riga

Notification of change of the company's name

Dear cooperation partners!

We are pleased to announce that the work on the strategic development of the company's communication concept lasting over the last few months has come to conclusion, and we are starting to implement it on a daily basis. We have taken the first, most visible step by changing the company's name from the SIA “RUSVI” (Ltd.) to the WOOD POINT SIA (Ltd.).

The company’s name has been changed from the SIA “RUSVI” (Ltd.) to the WOOD POINT SIA (Ltd.). This Decision entered into effect on 11 March 2022.

Wood – we are professionals in all wood-based materials, with years of experience and knowledge of timber and everything related thereto.

Point – we provide a full range of goods and services – import, export, trade, consulting.

WOOD POINT SIA (Ltd.) – the widest range of services in the timber market. We are experts in board materials – we offer plywood and plywood products, plywood products made of other wood species, OSB3 boards, wood fibre and particleboard of various density. We supply materials to individuals, larger and smaller companies in Latvia, Europe and beyond. We offer a variety of solutions for the use of boards, we provide board sawing services, we assemble materials for projects of different size and complexity.

It is important that only the name changes – the company's details, business profile and range of services remain the same. Bank account details, registration number, registered office and shop (warehouse) addresses, staff and company telephone numbers remain unchanged. The concluded cooperation contracts and their conditions remain effective. The name change reflects maturity of the company's development and the progress towards increased participation in international markets.
Along with the name change, the company's visual identity and website will see gradual improvements in the coming months, furthermore, we will continue our work on making our cooperation with customers even more convenient, faster and more efficient!
From now on, please use the new company name WOOD POINT SIA (Ltd.) in all documents, payments and correspondence:


· Reg. No.: 40103140977
· VAT reg. No.: LV40103140977
· Legal address: Vējstūru iela 39, Riga, LV1063, Latvia
· Shop addresses: Vējstūru iela 39, Riga and Aizputes iela 2B, Riga
· JSC (A/S) SEB Banka, account No.: LV13 UNLA 0003 0134 67367

Wishing you successful development,

Sincerely, Ņina Ruskule
Board Member and Owner of WOOD POINT SIA (Ltd.)


Company "WOOD POINT" since 2000 sells plywood materials - plywood, OSB, Cardboard and other.
You can get in touch with plywood grates in "PLYWOOD GRADES" webpage.

If you have questions, please, contact us, and we will anwser at all your questions